Gilles LeVasseur – Chair


Professor, Business and Law, University of Ottawa

Gilles LeVasseur is presently a University Professor in Business and Law at the University of Ottawa. Over the past 30 years, he chaired several national organizations from the Institute of Public Administration of Canada to Chamberfest Festival, the Coop Movement in Ontario and the Federal Court Challenge Program.

He served as a Senior civil servant responsible for strategic policies, prosecutions and human resources including managing several complex projects and initiatives (25 years) including the drafting of legislation and regulations to prosecutions, policy developments and IT initiatives.

Mr. LeVasseur published several (14) books in law (Canadian Business and Constitutional Law) and business (Leadership and Governance, Entrepreneurship) and social issues (Battle of Vimy, Ottawa Senators). He was appointed by the government of Ontario to serve on professional corporations involved in accounting, governmental regulatory bodies and enforcement of legislation. As a public representative of the Crown, provided governance and legal perspective in the merger of three professional accounting professions in Ontario and transform the Funeral Services Board into a new provincial public body. He also was appointed on other boards (Human Rights Law Centre and the Funeral Board of Ontario). This includes being appointed by the federal Government as a constitutional expert in the matters of language rights and federal and administrative law in a quasi-judicial tribunal in order to fund mediation and litigation cases in new constitutional linguistic cases across Canada.

Mr. LeVasseur received several awards for contribution to the Canadian society and leadership in associations: i.e. Medal of the Senate, 150th anniversary of Canada, Order of Ontario, Order of Ottawa, Queen’s Jubilee, 50th and 60th, Ordre de la Pléade (Officier & Compagnon), Ontario Lieutenant-Governor’s award for Life Achievement in Heritage and Trust and the Law Society Medal. Other awards are from professional regulatory bodies in Canada and USA including the Canada Forces Decoration and the Letter of Commendation.