Canada Science and Technology Museum

The new Canada Science and Technology Museum opened its doors to the public on November 17, 2017, following a three-year renewal.

Combining everything visitors liked about the previous incarnation (locomotives and the Crazy Kitchen) with more artifacts and interactives that will surely become new favourites, the museum tells Canada’s innovation story in an immersive, educational, and fun way.

A meeting point between past, present, and future, the museum explores the creativity and human ingenuity that drives scientific and technological discovery. Visitors can learn about – and become an integral part of – Canada’s innovation story as they engage with 11 new permanent exhibitions, witness live demonstrations, engage with augmented reality and mobile apps, or tinker in the Exploratek maker studio. Even the very youngest visitors can follow their natural curiosity in the ZOOOM Children’s Innovation Zone, a playful learning space designed for children aged eight and under.

The Museum also reaches Canadians across the country with outreach initiatives. Travelling exhibitions bring artifacts, research, and interactives from the Museum to science centres, local museums, and community organizations. Educational gaming apps bring Museum content to life for national and international audiences. Edukits and downloadable lesson plans provide the support educators needs to make aerospace learning come alive in their classrooms.

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