Science For All

Our Mantra Is ‘Science for All’

For the Ingenium Foundation, this means every Canadian – regardless of their age, background, location, physical, cognitive and financial abilities – should feel empowered and valued in shaping the future of scientific knowledge and practice. Simply put – science is for everyone!.

We Are Here To Challenge What It Means To Be A Scientist

Sadly, the scientific community hasn’t always been accessible and inclusive. There are great scientists we have never heard of and inventions we will never know – all because of the colour of their skin, their gender, the language they speak and more.

Support Science For All

The Ingenium Foundation’s Science for All Fund is there to break down barriers, both visible and invisible, to meaningful scientific engagement. This fund provides the resources Ingenium teams need in order to be truly innovative in designing and delivering the greatest diversity of scientific experiences.

Your gift to Science for All will support programs such as;

In person, virtual programming and workshops for individuals and groups with special needs – free of charge.

New opportunities for scientific enrichment specifically developed for diverse audiences.

Additional staff & resources for groups and individuals who require more assistance.

Live and/or written translation services for languages in addition to French and English.

Purchase of additional adaptive technologies both physical and virtual.
And much more… which is yet to be discovered!