Farm Kids and City Kids

Enfants de la campagne et de la ville

A visit to the Canada Agriculture and Food Museum is a unique experience: the chance to visit a working farm in the heart of the city.

Jeff, a guide at the Museum, explains that “when I take inner-city kids on a tour, it’s amazing to see how they react to the animals and the hands-on learning. It’s really an experience they don’t get anywhere else in the city.” Children and youth from the city visit the Museum through family trips, school visits, and summer camps.

But these experience are important for rural kids too!

Ellen, a counsellor at the Museum summer camps, describes how youth who grew up on farms become knowledge experts in the group: “we do get kids from rural areas, who can really say ‘I know cows’ or ‘I know how to walk a calf’, and we say, ‘Here you can use your expertise. You can share with the other campers.’”

You donation to the Canada Agriculture and Food Museum helps foster this connection between city and rural youth. Donate today to support these youth as they connect, build confidence, and discover the story of agriculture and food from field to fork.