A lifetime of trains: Rob Burnet

Rob Burnet

For long-time monthly donor Rob Burnet, falling in love with trains is a family tradition: “there’s a picture of me as a baby” he remembers, “that has one of those mobiles above the crib, with little trains.” His early experiences were shaped by the stories his mother’s family would tell about their work with the railroads, and with a train set he received at age three or four.

Though an active in the railroad community in his spare time, Rob made his career as a computer programming and instrumental music teacher. He fondly remembers bringing train-related music exercises and programming challenges into his classes.

But it is in his donations to the Canada Science and Technology Museum that he feels that he could make a real difference to share the Canadian railroad story with more people. As he explains “I can’t get to the Museum to get my hands dirty restoring the trains, so this makes me feel like I’m getting in there and contributing. And by doing it on a monthly basis, it makes me feel a lot better knowing that something is being done and it’s helping.”

He is thrilled to hear that the renewed Museum will integrate virtual reality elements to connect visitors with the sensory experiences of trains. He describes his own experiences as being “like music because it’s got the emotions, the rhythm, the phrasing, the 12 tone melody, and the steel, it’s got all of the senses, it’s got everything.” He is proud that he is helping bring this experience to life for more visitors.

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