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Donor visit

Ingenium Foundation believes that all donors should have the opportunity to see the impact of their donations and explore the Collections that their support helps to preserve and share.

We were pleased to share this opportunity with Canada Aviation and Space Museum donors on Saturday April 18th, 2015. The group gathered at the Canada Aviation and Space Museum for an exclusive tour of the Museum’s Reserve Hangar. Curator Renald Fortier led an informative and lively tour, sharing the stories and impact of these essential pieces of Canada’s aviation history. The tour was an unforgettable event that offered the chance to discover everything from the reason that airplanes have oval windows to the challenges of restoring and displaying full-size aircraft.

We would like to thank all of the donors for their support, their commitment to the Canada Aviation and Space Museum, and their enthusiastic engagement with all of the Museum’s work.

Ingenium Foundation is committed to connecting donors with the impact of their support. If you have ideas for donor appreciation or would like to learn more about the impact your donation makes, please contact us directly at foundation@IngeniumCanada.org or 1-800-288-0471.

This donor tour was organized in recognition of donor support for the recent crowdfunding campaign for The Legacy Project. This project is a documentary being created by Canadian film students and the Canada Aviation and Space Museum to showcase the people and stories of the Second World War through the lens of aviation. Contributions to this project will help complete editing, transcription, translation, and dubbing.