From Campers to Cousellors

Campers to Counsellors

For Kersty and Hannah, becoming a camp counsellor at the Canada Agriculture and Food Museum has been a lifelong dream.

Both Kersty and her sister were campers at the Canada Agriculture and Food Museum. She describes how she “always wanted to come back and work in camps because [she] loves animals and loves this place.” She sees her experience as a counsellor as a chance to give back: “since I joined as a counsellor two summers ago, it’s been really nice to pass on to new campers everything I learned when I was here.”

Hannah was a camper too, in the Junior Farmer camp for three years. She remembers how they “played a game called So You Want to be a Farmer?” which she describes “as an intense game: you had to buy tractors, face “natural disasters” and failing crops, and buy quota for milk. Every time we went out on-site, there were different challenges to get points to use on your virtual farm.”

Hannah did really want to be a farmer after her years in summer camp – even just so she could become a counsellor! She explains that before her interview for the position “I had no idea you could just be a regular person; I thought you had to be a farmer to work here. So when I saw that I fit the requirements, it was a dream come true.”

Kersty and Hannah’s experiences at the Canada Agriculture and Food Museum are made possible in part by the generous support of donors to the Ingenium Foundation.

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