Leaving his legacy: Murray Shaw

Murray and Aileen Shaw

From floor to ceiling, Murray Shaw’s home is a treasure trove of artifacts showcasing Canadian science and technology innovation. Since 1971, he has been an avid collector with a passion for tracing the development of scientific instruments. It was a natural choice given his work with the Ministry of State for Science & Technology and as a Science Analyst with the Treasury Board Secretariat.

And now he is ready to leave his legacy at institutions that reflects his passion – the museums supported by the Ingenium Foundation.

He plans to donate his collection to Ingenium Foundation because, as he says “the thought of sharing the love of the objects and maintaining the integrity of the collection is very important to me.”

He was originally inspired to start his collection of original early pieces of technology when he saw an analog balance being replaced by a digital version during his post-doctoral fellowship at the University of Ottawa. He is proud that his lifetime of collecting will help showcase Canada’s rich history of innovation and help future generations understand the mechanics and craftsmanship that went into these pieces

He has also given a gift of securities to help fund the future of the museum: “I’ve chosen the Museum as one of my charities of choice by giving a gift of securities as a way not only to be philanthropic but as a way to maximize my tax benefits.”

We are grateful to Murray Shaw for his support of the Ingenium Foundation through the donation of his collection and securities. His generosity will have a lasting impact.