Museum staff spotlight: Annie Jacques

Annie Jacques

One of Annie Jacques’ goals in her work renewing the Canada Science and Technology Museum? “To create iconic experiences, like the Crazy Kitchen.”

It’s a perfect goal for her role as an Interpretation Officer for Exhibitions, or “the visitor advocate.” She explains that she “works with content team and we try to find the best way to make those messages accessible for everyone, from grandmothers to toddlers. We use everything from interactive elements to museum experiences, and so much more.”

She is thrilled to be working on the museum renewal. Though she loves all of the work, she has a special place in her heart – as a mother of two small children – for the new Children’s Gallery. This child-focused gallery will have nine distinct interactive spaces that Annie can’t wait to reveal.

She would like to extend her thanks to all those who have supported the renewal so far, and for all those who will support the new programming in spaces like the Children’s

Gallery. She explains that funding will support the interactives and experiences that will become the childhood memories for the next generation.

And we would like thank Annie for her creativity, enthusiasm, and team spirit in all of her work.