Staff Spotlight: Dominique Mongeon

Dominique Mongeon

For Dominique Mongeon, joining the Canada Agriculture and Food Museum team was like a homecoming. She grew up surrounded by animals, spending time on her father’s hobby farm and at her grandfather’s stable of harness-racing horses.

She joined Ingenium as the Executive Assistant at the Canada Aviation and Space Museum, but always felt a special connection to “the Farm”. Although she was very happy in her previous role, the change to the Canada Agriculture and Food Museum offered the opportunity to engage with her life-long interest in farm animals.

What does she believe makes this museum so special? “We’re an operational farm in the middle of the city. As fewer and fewer people grow up in the country, we give them the chance for the kinds of hands-on learning they wouldn’t have in their regular neighbourhoods.”

To the donors like you who make programs and projects possible at this museum so close to her heart, she has two simple words: “thank you”.