Supporter spotlight: Wally Parsons

Wally Parsons and Gay Cook

It takes a special kind of champion to think of their birthday and see an opportunity to help those in need. We are lucky to have Wally Parsons as just that kind of champion.

On January 27, Wally’s family and friends gathered to celebrate his 80th birthday at a fundraiser for our Foundation. The fantastic event raised more than $14,000, which will allow 54 underprivileged children to enjoy a week-long summer camp at the Canada Agriculture and Food Museum.

This incredible event is just one of many that Wally has made possible. Since he retired as Senior Vice President and General Manager of Neilson Dairy Ottawa, Wally’s continued involvement in the community has been instrumental to raising nearly a million dollars for wonderful charities that mean a great deal to him. Wally says that he was very fortunate to work for an employer who shared his enthusiasm for becoming involved in the community. He is also incredibly thankful for the many dedicated and hard-working people who have joined with him to bring these fundraising events to life.

We have been fortunate to benefit from Wally’s guidance. We are thankful for his work especially in creating and chairing the Baskets with Panache! fundraiser, which raised enough funds to bring 18,000 underprivileged children to enjoy real hands-on farm experiences.

In honour of these many contributions—and to carry on Wally’s legacy of generosity—we have launched a new fund: The Wally Parsons Summer Camp Fund.

All money raised through this fund will allow underprivileged children to enjoy time on the farm, just as Wally did at his grandparents’ farm so many years ago.

If you would like to support this important cause, you can donate online or by phone at 613-462-1943.