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Join the Ingenium Foundation’s Board of Directors

We are looking for experienced and committed board members to serve on our organization’s volunteer governing body. The board member’s key responsibilities will include advising on strategic plans, championing the Ingenium Foundation within their networks and industries, as well as fundraising for the foundation’s programs.

Given the experience of returning board members, and in addition to expertise in philanthropy, donor relations, and advocacy, the Board is seeking individuals who bring expertise in one or more of the following domains:
• Financial management;
• Legal;
• Administration of non-profits and/or charitable governance.

Expertise & experience in the Agriculture and Food industry, Aerospace sector, as well as representation from outside of Ontario are considered strong assets.

Beyond these areas of functional expertise, the Board will be prioritizing candidates whose personal backgrounds will also enhance the social diversity of the Board in terms geography, ethnocultural background, and other factors. This enhanced social diversity will support the foundation’s ‘Science for All’ mission, particularly as we look to build stronger ties with Canada’s shifting demographics as well as inspire innovators who have typically been underrepresented within the scientific community.

General Expectations of the Board of Directors:

• Commitment to the Ingenium Foundation’s mission and Ingenium’s role within the informal science education sector.
• Be deeply familiar with the Ingenium Foundation’s mission, programs, policies, and needs.
• Ensure the organization is compliant with legal requirements and adheres to its mission.
• Maintain confidentiality on all internal organizational affairs.
• Keep up with issues and trends that affect the organization.
• Contribute to the development of policies and strategic plans.


• Actively participate in Ingenium Foundation fundraising initiatives.
• Be an active advocate and ambassador for the foundation, and facilitate connections and conversations with individuals / organizations from your network who may also be in a position to advance the work of the foundation.
• Make a charitable donation to the foundation annually at a level that is meaningful to you personally.

Board Meetings and Committees:

• Serve, at a minimum, one 4-year term.
• Regularly attend all board and committee meetings. The board meets 4 times per year for durations of 2-3 hours per meeting between the hours of 2pm and 5pm EST.
• Prepare for meetings by carefully reviewing the agenda and supporting documentation.
• Participate actively and conscientiously in all meetings.
• Be available to serve on at least one committee (i.e. Fundraising, Finance & Audit, or Governance).
• All meetings are held virtually via Zoom, though we do aspire to host a face-to-face board meeting at least once a year.

The anticipated time commitment is approximately 5 hours per month.

If you have questions regarding the Ingenium Foundation and the application process, please send an email – Attention: Director Recruitment – to foundation@ingeniumcanada.org

If you are interested in joining the Ingenium Foundation Board of Directors please submit the application along with a copy of your resumé to foundation@ingeniumcanada.org, Attention: Director Recruitment, by Friday, April 21, 2023.

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